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Initial (investitsionna of costs include estimated cost design and survey and installation and construction works; the cost of the new equipment and the attracted fixed assets; payment for the earth and preparation of the territory for construction; other investment expenses (acquisition of licenses, patenting, services "know-how", technical supervision of construction, etc.); one-time costs in a gain of current assets (requirement in reverse the capital.

where q0, q1 - a specific expense according to a traditional type of a product and a product from secondary resources on unit of a final product;  - specific expense of raw materials on unit of a traditional type of production.

Material inputs, necessary for implementation of the project, are a part of the current costs; expenses on compensation and assignment on social needs; service and repair of the equipment and vehicles; overhead costs (administrative, contents and repair of buildings, salary, etc.): costs for sales of products.

The desire to receive more total characteristic of sredozashchitny efficiency does necessary, besides the main, to use private (indicators are additional (similar to system of indicators of economic efficiency). Can act as such indicators:

where t - duration of filling of a dump with waste, years;  - bulk density of withdrawal, t /. ; h - height of a dump, m; Sob - the area of a ground occupied with dams of ridging of a dump (is defined by a settlement way), thousand sq.m; l - highway length to a dump, m; n - width of the highway, m; - resources of waste, t. (CBM).

It is accepted to call the losses in a monetary form resulting from environmental pollution ecological damage to environment. The difference of damages to environment respectively before implementation of the project (carrying out nature protection actions) represents the size of the prevented damage - At:

Production from secondary resources of a forest complex, as a rule,, is interfaced to consumption of a significant amount of energy resources. Quantitative change of consumption of energy resources -  Ltr can be expressed as follows:

where  - the amendment on thermal raising of a torch of emission to the atmosphere; h - geometrical height of the mouth of a source in relation to the average level of a zone of active pollution, m: u - average annual value of the module of speed of a wind at the level of a weather vane, m/s.

Reproduction process, as we know, represents not only compensation of its natural form. From here by the nature private (indicators are additional can be expressed both in cost, and in a natural form. As for number of these indicators, it can be considerable as the changes in economy connected with the organization of production from secondary resources in itself can be very various.

For the enterprises of a forest complex consuming considerable volumes of wood raw materials and which are characterized by insufficiently high coefficient of its use, a number of indicators from among additional at the heart of the has to reflect a picture of completeness of use of primary and secondary resources. Can act as such indicators:

The positive balance of real money in any time interval acts as necessary criterion of adoption of the investment project as existence of free money testifies to its solvency. The negative size of balance of real money on any one step of the settlement period, on the contrary, testifies to financial insolvency of the project. In the latter case the positive decision on investment can be made only on condition of need of attraction of additional resources and their obligatory reflection for calculations of complex efficiency.

The size of damage consists of separate types of the damages caused by secondary types of resources to various environments (to atmospheric air - to Uav, water sources - to Uvi, land resources - Uzr). From here the prevented damage can be estimated on the separate called components: