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The world community conducts active search of options of development of economy in the conditions of global change of environment and climate as a result of the increasing issues in the atmosphere of the planet of greenhouse gases.

In connection with the provided data on emission of the main greenhouse gases in the atmosphere the published point of view about harmful effects of the gas industry on surrounding environment is represented insolvent.

For the solution of objectives of land monitoring and ecological audits it was offered to use a complex of the various, adequately answering to specific conditions of research measuring and other technical means located in a metal body of the car of the increased passability which are specially equipped for performance of necessary changes in field conditions.

In total of tests average concentration of BP in a ground layer of atmospheric air of all points of selection exceeded admissible standards at 3-16 times, however during the summer period some decrease in the BP levels on conditional zones was observed.

Thus, the strategy of development of carbon sector of power defined from positions of economy of rational environmental management can provide the solution of a triune problem: steady development - energogazosberezheniye-ecology.

At last, for measurements of high-temperature emissions of methane, in particular with products of incomplete combustion of gas at its use as fuel, the structure of a measuring complex included figurative multicomponent gas analyzers with the corresponding samplers and probes.

The PUMAS mobile laboratory are equipped with means of collecting, storage and preprocessing of the received these tool measurements, and also means of remote information transfer. As a part of a measuring complex first of all the analyzers of methane of two types intended for their use at the solution of various tasks are allocated.

Nobody knows how numerous possible reactions to the negative and positive feedback causing increase of concentration of greenhouse gases will interact among themselves and what type of feedback will become dominating. Scientists only know that on the earth and earlier growth of temperature was observed.