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Modern Poland – the industrial and agrarian state. On the volume of the industry of production it rose on the 10th place in the world. Expanded traditional industries; fuel and energy, textile, food. The large enterprises, making steel, aluminum, zinc, tin, copper are constructed.

Warsaw – 1 621 thousand the persons, Lodz – 815 thousand people, Krakow – 747 thousand people, Wroclaw – 640,5 thousand people, Poznan – 580 thousand people, Gdansk – 462 thousand people, Szczecin – 418,7 thousand people, Lublin – 356,1 thousand people and Katowice – 350,3 thousand persons.

In the south Poland is presented by heights and a massif: The Sudetes with the highest point of the Snowball (1603 m.. .) and the Carpathians which central part are Tatra mountains - mountains of the Alpine character, with the highest top in Poland - Rysa (2499 m.. .). The Polish nature is also numerous forests, strongly developed river network, with two largest Vistula and Odra Rivers, and also rich animal and flora.

Relief of Poland the various. In the north, along the coast and in the central part of the country, lowlands prevail. For the coast of the Baltic Sea beautiful, sandy and wide beaches are characteristic. In the North and in the West, on the Pomor, Velikopolsky and Mazursky poozerye, among picturesque hills and the woods, thousands of lakes, the largest of which - Snyardva about 113 were located.