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If the feeling is a reflection of separate properties of subjects and phenomena of surrounding reality, the perception is an evident and figurative reflection of the subjects operating at present on sense organs and the phenomena of reality in total of their various properties and characteristics. As a perception product more or less difficult image of a subject always acts.

At perception of object its photo without functional background appears the most effective; the soft image keeping all gray-scale transitions is perceived worse, than a contrast picture.

Presentation is such quality of informative processes of the person at which interaction with sign systems, at extraction and processing of information from these systems in consciousness evident images are generated.

At the same time it is impossible to lose sight of that circumstance that is and always there will be certain arrays of information, optimum if not unique from all known the text is for a form of fixing and which transfer. Thus would be a mistake to look at the text as on essentially beloved essence.

Semantic information is the information assuming actual or potential possibility of disclosure by the consumer of its contents coded by these or those sign means, sense of the message.

Thus, reading schemes is connected with correlation of its sign forms with various designs, i.e. sign and real, and in some cases also with operating spatial dynamic images. Various arrangement of conditional images has impact on correctness of perception and understanding of the scheme as one of the major types of the generalized presentation also.

Any scheme displaying technical object represents an abstraction product for the purpose of display only the most essential, basic in it. Work with the scheme assumes a certain level of development of spatial representations and thinking. Reading schemes assumes some initial understanding of relationship between certain technical objects or knots of one object.

In development of a civilization operating by signs enriched them with the contents, increased possibilities of thought processes. At the same time signs, except for the few imitative sounds and graphic gestures, absolutely lost any similarity, their communications with subjects which were marked by them. Thus, the mankind got advantages of the new, based on application of signs informative structure not "free of charge" - they were bought by loss of presentation of considerable part of knowledge.