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On the 1st floor of this building are available medical ­ offices, physiooffice where are released electro-svetoprotsedury, medical massage, sanitation and prosthetic dentistry is made.

- stone cottages two-storeyed, numbers luxury: kitchen, shower, toilet, refrigerator, conditioner. On base is available: a sauna with the pool, cafe, the dining room. On the seashore shower booths with radon water (visit free are located. The total area of base is 12 hectares.

Any travel begin with placement of tourists. A lot of things depend on it. After all the tourist center, hotel, a camping become the vacation spot of tourists, and this place has to be beautifully planned, soundly constructed, have necessary conveniences and it has to be pleasant to all.

Here it is cool and quiet. Rare this place, unique. There is a legend devoted to emergence of this remarkable place in the middle of a. It is a legend of destiny of the beauty Meret which says that:

The pizzeria, bar with the big range of various production, a taxi, the laundress are a part of hotel complex restaurant with European cuisine. The chef of this restaurant, the Italian with a wide experience of work at restaurants of high level.