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Ecologist. Anthropogenous influence on the nature of the Far East was reflected in all its regions. Due to the exploitation of natural resources there were considerable changes in structure and a lesoobitaniye of plants and animals. Therefore many of them became rare, their number is catastrophically reduced.

Hydrologist. A river network of Sakhalin — dense and abounding in water. The large rivers — Tym (283 km) and Poronay (240 km). In June and August — the floods connected with monsoonal heavy rains. On plains there is a large number of small lakes of mainly inundated type.

Hydrologist. The dense river network is inherent in this area. The majority of the large rivers flows down from Sikhote-Alin on the West: rivers of east slope usually short less vodonosna. Food mainly snow and rain. The largest rivers of Primorye: Ussuri (897 km), Bikin (560 km), Chorus (453 km).

Climatologist. Climate of Sakhalin the monsoonal. The winter monsoon going from the cooled continent causes severity of winter. Average temperature of January is –8,5 ° C. Rains and fogs are connected with a summer monsoon, especially intensive on the coast. Average temperature of July is +18,5 ° C. Climate of the Kuril Islands the quite severe. Winter in the south cold, with frosts, in the north — soft with rather small frosts. Average temperature of January is –8-7 ° C. Summer cool, air damp, frequent overcast and change of weather. Average temperature of July — +10-17 ° C. Climate of islands — typically sea.