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Shortcomings — influence of external electric fields, parasitic capacities, temperatures, humidity, relative complexity of schemes of inclusion and need for special power supplies of the increased frequency.

IIS share on IIS with consecutive transfer of measuring information (with temporary division of the measuring channel and IIS with parallel (simultaneous) transfer of measuring information. Systems with temporary division of channels gained the greatest distribution because of opportunity to have a large number of measuring channels. Systems with parallel transfer of measuring information are applied in telemetering systems (frequency division of the channel.

Transformation C function = f3 (δ) the nonlinear. Sensitivity of the converter sharply increases with reduction of distance δ therefore it is expedient to reduce initial distance between plates. At a choice of initial distance between plates it is necessary to consider the penetrative tension of air (10 kV/cm for air.

For measurement of output parameter of inductive converters the greatest application was received by bridge schemes (equilibrium and neravnovesna, and also the compensation scheme (in automatic devices) for differential transformer converters.

SAK and SAR are very similar on the structure. Differ only with reaction to change of the measured size. SAK gives out result at the changed measured size, and SAR independently regulates size to the set.

Chains with capacitor converters usually eat current of the increased frequency (to tens megahertz) that is caused by desire to increase the power disseminated in the converter: P=U²wC (and consequently, and the power getting to the measuring device), and need to reduce the shunting action of resistance of isolation.