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Support of economically necessary level of intensity has to be provided with the state on the basis of standard resource providing. Methods of implementation of such support demand improvement and fuller accounting of interests of agrarian sector.

In animal husbandry the situation is more difficult, and approach to restoration of separate branches will differ. The industrial agrarian productions having opportunities for fast increase in volumes of production when carrying out sanitation are subject to prime restoration. Personal poultry farms, separate pig-breeding complexes and broiler poultry farms treat them.

The property in such look under the developed conditions has no the defining value for formation of constant interest in high-performance work, effective use of means, does not lead to personal responsibility for results of production. The worker is interested in possibility of receiving the share in the general result, improvement of material well-being. Therefore a basis of distribution of the income in the reorganized enterprises has to be a payment on work.

In each territory ripened need of carrying out group of farms by results of economic and financial activity and to allocate groups of the farms capable to provide increase in production and decrease in expenses.

In rather favorable enterprises a reserve of increase of efficiency is diversification of their activity, extension of the nomenclature of the made production and the rendered services. Diversification is carried out by the organization of processing of agricultural production, subsidiary productions, rendering various services.

As a result of liberalization of the prices and inflation of the enterprise on an industrial basis in a short space of time lost current assets. It led to violations of technology, irregular and defective feeding of animals, decrease in efficiency, growth of prime cost and unprofitability of production.

As a result of reforms OPH and breeding farms to a lesser extent suffered. Did not pass division of the earth and property in them, integrity of industrial complex is kept, higher level of intensity remains and good results are provided more. It once again proves that during reforms the main thing - not privatization, but improvement of economic conditions of conducting production.

The mechanism of investment of workers of agriculture through issue of certificates on a land share and a property share at destruction of the economic environment, unprofitability of all branches, redistribution of the income to other spheres does not create motives of work neither in large, nor in individual production. Nonpayment of a salary conducts to further decrease in labor and social activity.

At decrease in a livestock of cows below critical level it is necessary to apply transfer of cows on farmsteads of employees of economy, to provide them with sterns. For use of a livestock, consumption of a forage and rendering service to carry out calculation production.

Investments became the most scarce resource as a result of reforms. Reforms on liberalization of all aspects of life and withdrawal of means of agrarian sector through disparity of the prices aggravated a problem of investments.

The offered mechanism of distribution of the income is based on standard methods, is directed on prevention of cases of uneven redistribution by understating of staple prices, increase of interest of all participants of process of production and realization of end products in decrease in expenses, ensuring approximately equal compensation of expenses at different stages of production and movement of production.