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Thus, proceeding from the carried-out analysis, it is possible to draw a conclusion that the of structure of management personnel will favorably affect an economic of activity of economy. The new structure of management will allow economy to be guided more freely in a market economic situation and adequately to react to the happening changes.

Efficiency of introduction of dispatching service can be characterized in a certain measure the sum of economy of the salary received for the account of release of workers of management personnel, economy on vehicles in connection with reduction of moving of heads and experts both in economy and beyond its limits.

At the organization of service of marketing it is necessary to develop duty regulations for the head of service of marketing to allocate it with necessary functions and powers, and also to bear responsibility before the top management. In other words, the duty regulations are developed for the purpose of planning of the head of activity of service of marketing.

Lack of the existing structure is the low coordination of shops, horizontal communications are weakened. There is a possibility of duplication of functions of management and control from top to bottom is complicated.

The dispatching service will allow heads of economy and experts to work is more coordinated and productive, it is less working time to spend on not actions and production meetings, quickly to receive necessary information.

Business management has to be assigned to those people who realize the made production, but not on those who directly makes it as the person connected with realization well knows the market, knows what exactly it is required in the real, what foams on production in the market and where it is possible to more favourably its (production) to learn the highest income.

large volume of perishable production of vegetable growing assumes that on the basis of market researches storages and refinery capacities, fast realization will be provided, overstocking is prevented;

there is a close interrelation of level of production of production with climatic conditions which can cause both pronounced, and a negative effect. Proceeding from it, marketing specialists have to develop adequate programs of development of production;

We will build the project of new organizational structure of management leaning on the existing structure as the basic change will lead to big material inputs and it has to be connected with change of structure and the direction of a production activity of economy.