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Process of production of bread has to metrological be provided at all its stages. It is necessary for each developed grade of bread or bakery products to develop the scheme of this providing for performance of the metrological providing (MP).

Bread baking is production based on biological processes, and is waste-free production. It promotes preservation of environment and at the same time gives essential economic effect.

The main task of production laboratories – the rational organization of technological process, is provided release of qualitative products at the minimum technological expenses and losses and the high organization of work. Work of laboratory consists of the following stages:

According to the recommended order control of safety of raw materials and finished goods at the baking enterprise has to be carried out selectively / at least once a quarter / and is made in those parameters which are specified in the certificate raw materials.

In the project unpacked storage of a flour is accepted. The flour is stored in A2-XE-2-16 silos the Unpacked way of storage of a flour has a number of advantages before tare storage is mechanized loading and unloading works, the staff of workers decreases, costs of transportation and storage of a flour decrease, costs of a meshkotara are liquidated, the general sanitary condition of the enterprise improves.

On a bakery unpacked storage of a flour is accepted. The equipment of BHM production from electroconductive materials and for increase of conductivity are painted by electrowire paint. For the prevention of a raspyl of a flour full sealing of the equipment, especially in a place of combination of pipelines of joints of sections which is provided due to the condensing laying is provided.

Approaches to fire chambers always free the drive of the rasstoynopechny unit is taken out in separate places and protected with a special protection with a door. On the drive of furnaces provide the safety device.

The food industry has to make a powerful contribution to the solution of the main task on ensuring further growth of welfare of people on the basis of sustainable, forward development of a national economy, acceleration of NTP and transfer of economy to the market relations.

All these ways are directed on rational use of raw materials that will allow to cut a flour consumption on 0,7% in comparison with classical technology. Due to the processing of a flour of the lowered quality bread improvers will be applied: modifitsiranny starch, fermental preparations, surfactant.

For reception and storage of salt the T1-HSB-10 installation which represents the ferroconcrete tank divided into two compartments is accepted. The internal surface of capacity is revetted with a metlakhsky tile. Salt to a bakery is delivered in dump trucks an embankment and unloaded via the hatch of reception installation. Here water on the pipeline for salt dissolution arrives. Solution density 1,2kg/l moves the pump on production. The salt reserve on a bakery is provided on 15sutok.

One of the main directions in the long term provides improvement of structure of the range of bakery products. It is necessary to develop new types taking into account age structure of the population, social or professional employment, and also dietary products.